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Road Square

Newport is served by excellent road, rail, sea and air services making it an ideal business and investment location. 

This superb location, coupled with its large workforce, have attracted global leaders in sectors including technology, manufacturing, distribution, financial services and government services to Newport. It is home to, Airbus, KLA(SPTS), Lloyds Banking Group, Vantage, the Office for National Statistics and the Intellectual Property Office to name but a few. 

London is just 90 minutes away by train and 120 minutes by car. Removal of the tolls on 17 December 2018 has already greatly improved road journeys and planned electrification of the rail network will reduce rail journey times to enhance the city’s prospects still further. 

In addition, Newport is realising its ambition to become a national digital hub through a multi-million pound investment in its broadband and digital connections. 

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