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Newport Transporter Bridge

One of the jewels of the city’s history, the Newport Transporter Bridge dominates the Newport skyline.

Built in 1906 to connect the town with the industries that were clustering east of the river, the bridge is one of only six transporter bridges that remain in use worldwide.

The bridge stands today as a reminder of our heritage and our industrial past. But it also has a key role to play in the city’s future.

Transformation project

The Newport Transporter Bridge transformation project will preserve the bridge so that future generations can marvel at its sheer size, as well as opening up its heritage to a wider audience.

Led by Newport City Council, the project will deliver essential restoration works to the bridge, along with a brand-new visitor centre which will turn the bridge into a major tourist attraction.

The new centre, which will be linked to the bridge via a walkway, will allow us to bring the history of the bridge to life, through showcasing the personal stories of those who designed, built and use the bridge.

The centre will also have better facilities, and community spaces that will house activities programmes such as theatrical performances and art exhibitions.